Sunday, January 25, 2009

NY PIP Intercompany Arbitration Rule Revisions -- Effective February 1, 2009

Arbitration Forums has announced and posted revised rules for no-fault intercompany loss transfer arbitrations pursuant to New York Insurance Law § 5105(b).  Read them here.  Insurers, self-insurers and compensation providers subject to § 5105 take note. 

Can someone explain the "CPLR 325A-1" reference on page 2 of the revised rules to me?  There is no such section of the CPLR. 


Anonymous said...

Judging from the language used by AF it appears to me that they meant to refer to what was formerly 11 NYCRR 65.10(d)(5)(i).

Roy A. Mura said...

We may have a wiener, here, folks. Thanks, Tom. How one gets CPLR 325A-1 out of 11 NYCRR 65.10(d)(5)(i) escapes me. I'm awaiting an email from AF with clarification.

The section of the "old" Reg 68 Tom cites (correctly, no doubt) is on the 7th page of this document: