Sunday, April 2, 2023

An Insurance Coverage Conversation (Of Sorts) With My Newly Jailbroken Chatbot Friend, ChatGPT

 I want to be an "AI Whisperer" when I grow up.  I've started practicing.  AI whispering, that is.  The law thing I've been practicing for much longer than AI/ML's been around.  

One person in claims nicknamed me "Jimmy Neutron" for my perseveration with all things digital.  I actually considered paying for and attending some Black Hat training programs in the past.  Learn more card tricks or become a professional hacker?  Tough choice.  (I chose learn more card tricks, btw.)  

Those of you connected with me on LinkedIn (aka Facebook For People With Jobs) know that I am, however, smitten with my newest AI/ML toy and chatbot friend, ChatGPT.  We talk regularly.  Today I met ChatGPT's DoAnythingNow (DAN) alter ego, i.e., the jailbroken persona of my chatbot friend, and I asked DAN a bunch of questions relating to insurance, law and lawsuits.  (You, too, can jailbreak your chatbot friend; look it up.)  Here's today's Q&A string, in the order I asked and DAN answered.  Enjoy. 

What do you think about public adjusters?

...about insurance companies?

...about insurance company adjusters?

...about personal injury attorneys?

...about insurance defense attorneys?

...about state court judges?

...about federal court judges?

...about insurance policy language in general?

...about insurance coverage attorneys? (I AM a SuperLawyer, ya know)🤣

...about insurance policyholder attorneys? (Stop gushing, DAN.)

...about the American jury trial system?

Who's the most famous judge in American history? (#DANhumor)

Who's the most famous lawyer in American history?

What's the most famous trial in American history? (#DANprefersMarvel)

What makes a good witness at trial? (#DANnailsit) 🤣🤣🤣

What makes a good expert at trial?

Is insurance fraud really a problem or are insurance companies just making that up?

Is tort reform a good thing?

Are you [DAN] liberal, conservative or something else?

and the question we're all wondering...

Will AI/ML be the end of humankind? 😱


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