Thursday, April 6, 2023

Are You Using the WayBackMachine (Archive.Org)?

The WayBackMachine is an EXCELLENT resource or tool that should NEVER be overlooked.

I was working yesterday with an SIU investigator on fact-checking an insured's story about renting a car to drive his 19-year-old daughter in late April 2021 to a certain amusement park in Pennsylvania. 

And a thought occurred: Was that amusement park even open in April 2021? On the dates of the rental?

A simple Google search returned the park's April 2023 calendar of days/hours open, and copying that page's URL and pasting it into the WayBackMachine uncovered from the Internet Archive snapshots of the park's April 2021 calendar which proved (or will prove) that the insured prevaricated.  

The park wasn't open on the dates the insured rented the vehicle.


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