Friday, May 30, 2008

Of Fishing and Filosophy

Okay, you've seen evidence in this blog of the coverage lawyer and litigator aspects of my profile to the right, so I thought I'd provide some evidence of the angler aspect and share how I spent my evening last evening on Lake Erie, wrestling this 46", 35# muskie to and into the boat with only one good hand, whilst ruminating over my response to David Barshay's late afternoon comment to my What Part of "No" Did You Not Understand? post, pushed to my BB. Yes, that's a duct-taped, ZipLoc bag covering a cast on my left hand/arm, and don't tell my orthopod, please.

My aim in this blawg is to provide balanced reporting of New York insurance coverage cases and issues. Oh sure, my stripes may show from time to time, but I would never 86 a court decision simply because its holding is adverse to an insurer. You'll see 'em all here, folks. And I don't mind at all if you want to get on board and "cast" a few comments out there. After all, it's about fishing, not catching. That's why it's called the former, and not the latter.

Nice fish, eh? She was released successfully to go make baby muskies.

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