Thursday, June 12, 2008

On Single Lanes & Gas Guzzling

780 miles and 2 presentations in 27 hours. Just got back a bit ago from Philly. Couldn't find a rental car in Buffalo yesterday (strike that -- my secretary did find one place that had one Malibu left, but I wasn't going to be gouged for $85/day), so I drove the Tahoe. Even with the GM Vortec engine's "Active Fuel Management" feature, I could watch the gas gauge needle drop as my GPS's ETA crept upward through the perennial summertime 40 mph single lanes on Pennsylvania's interstate and state highways under repair and/or improvement.

The sulfurous, carbon doxide-rich laneage and speed limitations allowed me plenty of time me to contemplate the roll-out of a new presentation for me: crack rides, rock rentals, dope pawns a/k/a exchanging one's vehicle for drugs.

Good interactivity and seemingly great interest in the topic from the Delaware Valley IASIU folks in attendance at their annual seminar. These losses implicate a myriad of coverage issues -- from insuring agreement terms, through exclusions, into conditions. Although many questions remained unanswered, especially since there is no reported case law anywhere in the country that I was able to find and share, we reached consensus on these being challenging losses to investigate and decide. It's what makes and keeps coverage interesting. Same fundamental concepts, but new loss scenarios to consider all the time. Who had heard of a rock rental more than 5 years ago?

So, covered or not?

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