Monday, August 4, 2008

Favorite Search Terms of the Month

Google Analytics provides all sorts of information regarding Blogger accounts. Reports of how people found their way to this blawg and what search terms they used to get here, help me know what issues are important and provide better content to readers. Sometimes, though, the search terms are more than simply informative, but amusing. Here are my favorites from the past 30 days:

LocationSearch Terms (verbatim)Answer/Comment
GM.comHonda co.Checking out the competition?
Norfolk, VAHow through will Geico claims investigation investigate a claim for child care reimbursement?Hopefully pretty thoroughly for recent child care reimbursement claims in Norfolk, VA.
Raleigh, NChow to report a hit and run a month laterLong chase?
Staten Island, NYmust an injured person return nf-2 requested by insurer?Uh, yes.
Not setquestion tha an siu investigator asks insuredIs this on the Internet? Really? Subscription based only?
Not setreasons unitrin customer would not be coveredPessimist?
Buffalo, NYd barshay + buffalo lawyerNot my search.
State of Oregon"going postal" and imeI'm afraid to ask.

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