Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Blogging From Camp Fisherman

Blogging from Camp Fisherman on Pigeon Lake in Peterborough, Ontario through the end of this week. Absolutely beautiful up here. It's the muskie thing again. Captain Roy put his buddy onto two 41" and 41.5" 'skies in his very first forray into this top-of-the-fresh-water-food-chain kinda fishing. We forgot the big a-swivel-swivel net back in Buffalo, so we're landing the 'skies by hand with a boga. Day One in the books. Good day. Prop and skag still intact.

Update (Sunday, September 28th) -- I'm back. Guess there wasn't much blogging from Ontario. With a catch of six muskies (no kidding) on Thursday, I did manage to take the tournament and win best boat/team, however.

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Heidi said...

A lot better than the 12" muskie I caught in Alex Bay over the weekend!!! Congrats.