Monday, September 1, 2008

September 2008 Coverage Counsel Poll

This month's Coverage Counsel poll relates to the Court of Appeals' February 2008 Bi-Economy Market decision.

Question: Will the NY Court of Appeals' decision in Bi-Economy Market v. Harleysville on the recoverability of consequential damages in excess of policy limits against insurers ultimately be:
  1. Limited to commercial property policies that afford business income loss coverage
  2. Limited to commercial lines insurance policies
  3. Applied to all types of personal and commercial lines insurance policies

Don't be shy. Tell us what you think.

The results of August 2008's poll are:

Question: With the passage and signing of the Direct DJ/Late Notice/Prejudice bill, will the amount of late notice litigation in the New York courts:
  1. Increase (64.3% - 9 votes)
  2. Decrease (7.1% - 1 vote)
  3. Stay the same (28.6% - 4 votes)

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