Friday, October 10, 2008

Uh Perry, Do We Have Meteorite Coverage?

I guess a meteorite qualifies as a "falling object", right? New use for the big Ziploc bags. Check out Icy awakening for York Township woman.

What made me chuckle even more was the discovery that someone's already written an article on "Insurance Coverage of Meteorite, Asteroid and Comet Impacts -- Issues and Options". Talk about a niche area of expertise. I now aspire to be a meteorite, asteroid and comet coverage attorney. Just after I get done writing my treatise on insurance coverage losses and claims for crop circles, electro-magnetic effects of UFOs, and alien abductions, that is. And get back from my Star Trek convention. Looking for investors for my new insurance company. Going to call it Chicken Little Insurance Company.

Btw, if that thing came from/out of an airplane, what liquid could it have been that froze into that solid? And would YOU put in your freezer or lay it out onto your countertop?

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