Sunday, November 2, 2008

Stay in Ctrl Ctrl With Google Desktop

I'm a keyboardist. Maybe it's my piano training. I would prefer to move around the screen and documents with the keys than a mouse. The Ctrl and Alt keys are always in play on my keyboard. Give me a keyboard shortcut over a right click any day.

That's why I love Google Desktop. Like Dorothy clicking her ruby slippers three times and wishing for home, with Google Desktop I'm only two keystrokes away from the Internet and nearly all programs and files on my computer. A staccato Ctrl, Ctrl in any program opens a quick search box that allows me to google a term or find a file on my computer. I don't use Google's sidebar or gadgets on my desktop at work, and having cached copies of deleted files occasionally comes in handy, especially when certain Microsoft programs misbehave.

Download and test drive it here.

P.S. -- Not that I'm surprised or anything, but it's quite the reminder of how both omniscient and omnipresent the folks over in Mountain Valley, CA are that not 45 minutes after posting this blog, the budding coverage practitioners that the Google folks (or their supercomputers, more likely) aren't spotted this post and hit 12 pages. I've had the same experience with certain insurance companies, whose web crawlers, spiders and bots spot name-laden posts within minutes and peruse for content. Thanks for the visit Google. I continue to be impressed and still like your Desktop program.

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