Thursday, December 11, 2008

Application for Federal Bail Out Program 2008-2009

Insurance companies are weathering the economic storm just like everyone else.

Before Congress runs out of currency ink and stops printing new money, your company may want to get its application in for the federal bailout program. As a service to the insurance and insurance-related industries, the clickable EZ-CASH form is on the right.

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Hugh Fustercluck said...

Congress may not have to print new money; rather, it may be cheaper to borrow it. As of yesterday, the interest rate on Treasury notes was a NEGATIVE fraction of one percent. This means that anyone buying a $10,000 T-note would owe the government $25 in interest after three months. With the cost of borrowing below zero, and in fact produces a profit, it becomes very attractive to borrow money. But leave it to Congress to find a way to lose money even on that deal.