Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter Storm Losses & Claims

It started snowing here in the Buffalo area early Friday morning and really hasn't quit since for more than a few hours here or there. We in the midst of a lake-effect right now after two general snowfalls on Friday and early this morning.

Seems like a perfect time to provide some links about insurance coverage for winter storm losses.

From a state that knows snow comes Minnesota's Winter Hazard Awareness Info FAQ page.

Missouri and New Hampshire offer us these significantly similar FAQs. They must have a good number of hot tubs in those states, as a "what if my hot tub is damaged..." question made the list.

And from a state known more for its barbecuing than snowfall totals comes Texas' winter ice storm FAQs. Gotta love the "A tree fell on my barbeque pit... Will my policy cover the damage to my barbeque pit?" question.

Washington State's Insurance Commissioner offers these Winter Weather and Insurance Coverage Q&As. Lots of boats up there, apparently. And strong winter winds.

USAA offers these Winter Storm FAQs for insureds, while the most common Homeowners 3--Special Form (HO-3 10/00 edition), can be found here. Under the HO-3, dwelling coverage is all-risk (see page 8 of 22), while contents coverage is a named peril coverage (page 10-11 of 22).

View outside my back door when I started this post. Stay warm and safe everyone.

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