Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Update: NY PIP Intercompany Arbitration Rule Revisions -- Effective February 1, 2009

On January 25th, I posted about Arbitration Forums' revised rules for no-fault intercompany loss transfer arbitrations pursuant to New York Insurance Law § 5105(b), effective February 1, 2009.

In that post, I asked whether anyone could explain to me the "CPLR 325A-1" reference on page 2 of the revised rules.  There is no such section of the CPLR.  Attorney Tom Etzel commented that perhaps the citation was meant to refer to what was formerly 11 NYCRR 65.10(d)(5)(i). 

I emailed Arbitration Forums' Tim McKernan, Manager of Member Training and Forum Rules, for clarification and heard back from him this morning, advising that the revised rules have been corrected and are again posted here.

As you can see, the CPLR reference has been changed to "[t]he appropriate arbitration filing must be made within 60 days of the date of final determination of the issue of coverage by the Court."

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