Friday, April 24, 2009

DMV Abstract Found Sufficient to Require Hearing on Liability Coverage for Offending Vehicle, Staying UM Arbitration

Matter of American Transit Ins. Co. v. Molina

(Sup. Ct., New York Co., decided 4/15/2009)

American Transit commenced this special proceeding to stay the UM arbitration of Molina.  In support of its petition, American Transit offered a police report listing "Vehicle 2" as a 2000 Dodge with a certain license plate that left the scene.  American Transit also offered a DMV abstract showing two matches for that vehicle, and also indicating that Country-Wide Insurance Company insured that vehicle on the accident date. 

In granting American Transit's application for a temporary stay of the claimant's UM arbitration, the court found that American Transit "ha[d] presented evidence that raises a genuine issue as to whether Vehicle 2 was insured on the date of the accident, August 2,2008."  Noting that Country-Wide presented no evidence that it did not insure Vehicle 2 on the accident date, the motion court rejected Country-Wide's objection to the petition due to its pending investigation into the alleged accident and coverage of the vehicle.

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