Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday to Coverage Counsel

365 days ago I sat down at this computer in my den at home, signed up for Blogger, and started designing this blog.  At 7:12 p.m. on Saturday, April 26, 2008, I published my first post on the Bi-Economy decision.  That decision has proven to be a recurring and fertile source of material for this blog.  359 labels, 474 posts, 18,800 unique visitors, 39,353 visits, 64,614 page views, and innumerable hours in this green leather high back chair bring us to here. 25.67% of you have visited directly.  33.19% of you have come here from or through other blogs or websites.  And 41.14% of you have made it here via a search engine.  "Coverage Counsel" ranks first in search keywords, while "waiver of subrogation" and "Graves Amendment" remain firmly in the top 5.

This blog has been a discovery process for me.  I've discovered how both fun and not fun writing can be sometimes.  I've discovered how a blog can be an excellent vehicle for delivering information.  Most importantly, however, I've rediscovered the enjoyment of following and reporting a body of law as dynamic and sometimes controversial as insurance coverage law is.  I've also met, either in person or electronically, some very smart, very passionate, and very cool people.

Thank you for visiting and reading.  I said at the beginning and will say again:  if you have any suggestions for improving this blog, please let me know.  Using the labels and search tools on this blog will make it easier for you to find the information you're looking for.  And, if you haven't figured out yet how to subscribe to this blog in an RSS reader, consider subscribing to a weekly email newsletter by using the Feedblitz gadget on the right side of this page.  Or just keep coming back via the ways in which you've been coming back.

If you like what you see and find this blog to be useful, please let me know, either in a comment or email.  And pass a link along to someone who may not yet know about or read Coverage Counsel.  Believe it or not, feedback of all kinds helps.   It'd be nice to know from other than my regular commenters, that the hours I devote to this free resource are informative and helpful to folks who make, evaluate, pay, deny or litigate insurance claims.  So, if you'd like to see Coverage Counsel make it to its 2nd birthday, let me know, will ya?  I'm not fishing for compliments; I'm requesting validation, that's all.  Thanks.


D.Barshay said...

Happy 1st Birthday. I'm pretty sure I am at least half of those 39,353 visits. Excellent resource. Keep up the good work.

Ken said...

Congrats Roy. I enjoy reading your blawg as often as I can. I look forward to your continuing at least another year!


David M. Gottlieb, Esq. said...

Happy birthday. I too look forward to your continuing at least another year. How you keep up with labels is beyond me. It's such a pain. Heck of a first post. I'm pretty sure my first post was something stupid.

Raymond Zuppa said...

Happy Birthday. Thank you for the painful education. I am impressed with your dedication. Next time your downstate for any period of time let me know. Believe it or not we have some decent fresh water fishing holes out there on the Island.

But I am mostly a worm and bobber guy.

Heidi said...

Happy Birthday Coverage Counsel!! And many more...
You have accomplished so much this first year that I wonder how you will top it in your second year!I do not know how you find time to keep up with the reading, researching and analyzing but this is one reader who looks forward to the weekly update at my desk every Tuesday morning.