Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wanna Rock? Get Insurance.

Today's Insurance Journal contains an interesting article on the increasing importance of insurance for rock bands who sign "360 deals" with worldwide promoters. No longer talking just trashed hotel rooms.
Often a broker can show that despite a performer's hedonistic image they have a good track record of performing shows over a long period without cancellations.
Will insurance now be blamed also for the taming of our beloved rock artistes? Any of you live in a city beginning with the letter M?

Rock insurance. That'll be my new subspecialty. Concerts will be scene inspections and media purchases will be research.  Can I write off this past Christmas' Guitar Hero World Tour purchase as office equipment?

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Larry Rogak said...

Ticket buyers should be able to purchase insurance to cover the risk that the concert will stink and/or that the geriatric rocker who peaked in the 1970s will be able to move his arthritic fingers sufficiently to pluck out an AARP version of the hits of his glory days.