Tuesday, July 7, 2009

500th Post

For those keeping count (all none of you), June 16th's post was my 500th of this blog. I was so impressed with my own handiwork, I took two weeks off. No, not really. I just didn't blog.

Although this blog has not been a financial bonanza -- in fact, I can count on one finger on one hand the number of new referrals it's garnered -- the visit metrics tell me that it serves as a useful resource to those looking for insurance information. Especially if that information relates to New York insurance loss or claim matters. And it keeps me grounded in an area of law that continues to stimulate and interest me. So I press on.

To my regular commenters, thank you for your contributions. To my regular readers, let me know if you'd like to see something on these pages that's not already here. Like Q&A stuff. I've a small list of recent client inquiries to sterilize and post in the near future. I am and intend proudly to remain an ad-free blog. Remember that the post labels and various search boxes/bars are there to make it easier for you to find information in older posts. You can even bookmark a certain label search result, such as no-fault or CGL, waiver of subrogation or the Graves Amendment, and return occasionally to check out what's new. And please, let me know if you ever discover any dead or incorrect links. I'll be working on moving files stored on the soon-to-be defunct Google Page Creator to another file hosting service and renaming those 60 or so files.

Nearly 45,000 visits in just over 14 months for a niche legal subject matter blog in a single jurisdiction mean either that I'm an SEO genius or there's something here folks find useful. Since it took me several tries to complete the iPhone's The Moron Test, I must conclude the latter.

496 more to reach 1,000. Use the restroom now, because we're not stopping again until we get there.

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DLev said...

I admire your dedication and devotion to keeping this blog current and populated while practicing law full time and occassionally participating in fishing tournaments. Please keep up the good work.