Monday, October 12, 2009

Jump Breaks

I'm trying something new and would like your input.

Blogger recently offered a jump break feature for its blogs.  A jump break truncates a post on the blog's main page and and allows/requires readers to click a link in order to read the entire post. Many bloggers use them; some don't. 

Some of my posts can get long, especially when I quote language from a court's decision. In an effort to de-clutter and shorten the main page, I've inserted jump breaks into recent posts that are long.  In a comment to this post or email directly to me, please tell me:
  • Do you like/mind the jump breaks on longer posts?  -or-
  • Do you prefer simply to read and scroll down the complete, untruncated posts, regardless of their length? 
The jump breaks do not affect the various search tools that are available here for finding blog content, unless you're looking for content in the "read more" part of a posting using Ctrl+F.  Otherwise, other than an extra left mouse click, nothing's changed. 

Go back to long or keep the jump breaks?

1 comment:

Fergus O'Rourke said...

As long as the "jump break" does not come too early, I am in favour.

I just hate the RSS feeds which show a single sentence or two. somehow, it's hardly ever enough to judge whether I really want to read more.