Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Comment Spammantra

As Coverage Coverage closes in on its 100,000 visitor, I take pause to reflect on some of the interesting and creative comment spam received over the past 4-5 months mostly from foreign IP addresses and likely non-native English speakers, albeit polite ones named Jack, John and Ernest, that never made it live to the blog.  Enjoy.
  • Hi, your blog is really interesting & informative, while reading it I truly like it.  And hopefully my added information many help you to understand the case better way.. [metro-NYC law firm name] is a law firm dedicated to deals with pain and loss associated with medical malpractice, personal injury & workers compensation cases.  No Fees Unless We Win.  We are experts in dealing persona injury cases [law firm website link] -- Ernest

    Is "dealing [a] persona[l] injury case" the same as staging an accident to facilitate no-fault and personal injury fraud?  I sent this law firm an email warning them to notify their outsourced comment spammer to stay off my blog or else.  I didn't hear back from these experts, but Ernest hasn't left any more comment spam since. 

  • Thanks for this post.  I enjoyed reading it.  It has really changed the way I think about internships.  [public adjuster website link] -- John

    And your comment spam has changed the way I think about public adjusters who hire comment spammers.  Thank you, John. 

  • Thanks man... informative advice.  I'll consider it next time.  -- debt consolidation

    This comment was dropped on my post about the Top 10 Questions to Ask When Purchasing Auto Insurance.  Maybe debt consolidation is looking to reduce his or her auto insurance premium.  No, thank you, man, for trolling my blog.  When comment spamming, it helps to be colloquial.  Not. 

  • Thanks for the post.  I really find it very informative.  please write something about female car insurance [link to very pink and prissy UK website selling motor insurance for women] -- beant bajwa

    I aspire to gender neutrality in my insurance coverage practice, Beant.  Sorry, but there'll be no postings about female car insurance on this blog.  Not until I figure out what a female car is, at least.   

  • This kind of information is very limited on the internet.  Nice to find the post relating to my search criteria.  Your updated and informative post will be appreciated by blog loving people.  Dissertation writing advice [hyperlinked] -- Dissertation Writing service

    I was unaware until this piece of spam that there are blog loving people.  Do they have annual conferences?  A quarterly magazine?  Car window or bumper stickers?  I do see that some bloggers apparently don't moderate their comments

  • This seems to be a great site for home moving companies.  International Car Shipping [hyperlinked] it provides rental trucks for moving, auto car transport where we can select the best one out of them for saving your time and money.  I had been relying on [another moving company's website URL] and they too offered good stuff. -- Jack

    If this is a great site for home moving companies, I've wasted a good portion of the past two and a half years of my life.  Damn. 

  • "I love racing thats why i m here to appreciate you!  You have done a great job keep it up." -- car racing videos

    Is this a quotation to another spammed comment?  I appreciate being appreciated by people who appreciate car racing videos.  And I do plan to keep it up, thanks.  The blogging.   

  • Its a nice piece of thought you shared with Us...Thank you very much for this post. Limo hire [hyperlinked] -- beant bajwa

    Beant hawks female car insurance and limo companies.  I've always thought I had a nice piece of thought, though.  This confirms it.     

  • You are right on there being no overlap of the three no fault blogs.  Better for those who follow the NY no fault.  Regards:  Best life insurance provider [hyperlinked] --  Best life insurance provider

    Which three are those, Best?  Better for those who follow NY no-fault not to try to figure this piece of thought out. 

  • I think actually a blog and does make itself fairly invisible to all this will notice by us.  cheap car insurance [hyperlinked] -- anul

    I've spent a lot of time pondering this deepness.  My pieces of thought race somewhere between the confounded and concerned.  I'm considering changing the subtitle of Coverage Counsel to that piece of thought -- "Coverage Counsel:  A Blog that Makes Itself Fairly Invisible to All This Will Notice By Us".  Either that or submitting it in next year's worst grammatical phrase contest on March 4th, National Grammar Day.  Alas, without a full understanding of its deepness, I must annul anul's piece of comment spam.  A cheap comment spammer spamming about cheap car insurance.  That's why I do this. 
Keep 'em coming, you grammatically challenged, search engine-dependent, skim-reading purveyors of blog comment spam.  I'll smile, but won't publish.  

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