Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Coverage Counsel Selected to LexisNexis Insurance Law Community's Top 50 Insurance Blogs of 2009

LexisNexis Insurance Law Community 2009 Top Blogs of the Year
I'm pleased to report that this blog has again been honored with selection to LexisNexis Insurance Law Community's Top 50 Insurance Blogs of 2009.  This makes two years in a row on that list.  The 2009 honorees include bloggers from across the spectrum of all lines of insurance coverage.  I will be updating my blogroll to include links to some of those excellent blogs.  Meanwhile, you should check out the list here.

Here, in relevant part,  is how LexisNexis described the selection process:
After some very careful review and a great deal of deliberation, the LexisNexis Insurance Law Community has selected its Top 50 Insurance Blogs for 2009.

We’d like to express gratitude to our Community members for your comments and suggestions. All of you submitted many of the new names on the 2009 Top 50 list and we thank you for infusing so much fresh talent into our Community. We also want to specially thank the LexisNexis Insurance Law Advisory Board for giving us their input.

These top blogs offer some of the best writing out there. They contain a wealth of information for all segments of the insurance industry, and include timely news items, expert analysis, practice tips, frequent postings and helpful links to other sites and sources.

Demonstrating on a daily basis that insurance makes the world go round, these blogs also show us how insurance issues interact with politics and culture. These sites also demonstrate the power of the blogsphere, by providing a collective example of how bloggers can—and do—impact and influence the law and the business of insurance.
Here is how they describe Coverage Counsel on the list of awardees:
Coverage Counsel -

Published by Mura & Storm
Roy A. Mura is the Insurance coverage & fraud attorney, grammarian, blogger, and angler behind this blog, which provides a rolling dialogue about New York insurance coverage cases and issues. The analysis is spot-on, and Mura’s in-depth commentary and quick wit is both engaging and informative.
Many thanks to my friends at LexisNexis for the recognition, kind words, and the award.  While I don't blog for badges, it's nice to be recognized and included among such exceptional blogs and bloggers.  Coverage Counsel has also been climbing the rankings over at Avvo's Top Legal Blogs, currently sitting at 87th of all legal blogs with an Alexa ranking of 864,684. 

Other New York-based insurance blogs making the final 2009 list are:

Tim Dodge's

Jason Tenenbaum's

The retiring David Gottlieb's and aspiring David Barshay's

Marc Lanzkowsky's

and Goldberg Segalla's

Congrats to all the honorees, and thank you for reading Coverage Counsel.

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