Friday, August 20, 2010

Recommended Blogs -- The New York Appellate Law Blog

With the issuance this past Monday of LexisNexis' Top 50 Insurance Blogs for 2009 list, it occurred to me that I should share and highlight some of the blogs that I have and continue to come across in my own blogging endeavors.  Links to these recommended blogs either already are or will listed on the right toolbar of this blog by category.  There will be insurance blogs, New York legal blogs or blawgs, and  other  legal and non-legal blogs.   I won't recommend a blog unless I think it's worth your time, and I'll try to remove links to blogs that have gone dormant.  I presume all will have subscription widgets or gadgets on them so you can subscribe if you like them.  Or there's always an RSS reader like Google Reader.

In the spirit of Twitter's #FollowFriday, I'll endeavor to post about my recommended blogs each Friday.  Today's and my first recommended blog post is about a non-insurance blog, but one New York state personal injury litigators should consider subscribing to.

I recently learned of Mauro, Goldberg & Lilling's New York Appellate Blog and became an instant subscriber.  The blog provides well-written, concise summaries of New York appellate decisions, mostly about personal injury cases and issues, as well as other useful information for New York legal practitioners.  Although somewhat of a recent entry to the blogosphere, with a born-on date of December 29, 2009, the postings in 2010 have been fairly regular.  I hope the folks over at Mauro, Goldberg & Lilling continue to feed this blog and provide its readers with its excellent content.


David M. Gottlieb said...

They emailed you too? I feel so used.

Roy A. Mura said...

Didn't you ever send emails to other bloggers when you started? I did. Most ignored me, but I always appreciated the ones who responded and added me to their blogrolls. Regardless, I like this blog. It's new, but promising.

You are used, alpaca boy. Get used to it.

David M Gottlieb said...

Now I feel used and dirty.