Thursday, February 6, 2014

New York Insurance Regulation 64 (11 NYCRR Part 216) -- Updated Version

Editor's Note (11.14.16) ~~ An updated version of Regulation 64, current through November 14, 2016, is HERE.

Since March 2010 when I first posted a link on this blog, New York Insurance Regulation 64 has seen several amendments.  The last updated version I posted and made available was in September 2012, but the October 2011 replacement of the New York State Insurance Department with the Department of Financial Services and the regulatory changes that arrived in Superstorm Sandy's wake after October 2012 made that September 21, 2012 version outdated almost as soon as I posted it.

Click HERE for a version of Regulation 64 that is current through January 29, 2014.  I'll do my best to update all of the links on this blog to the older version, but if you find any of those outdated links, please email me and I'll fix them.   

Those who would rely on the provisions of Regulation 64 are always best to check the official version, which is available via this link.

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