Tuesday, November 24, 2015

9 Assignees + 6 MVAs + 2 Defenses = 9 Separate Actions -- Severance Granted

Austin Diagnostic Med., P.C. v Mercury Cas. Co.
(App. Term, 2nd Dept., decided 11/13/2015)

Plaintiff provider commenced this action to recover first-party no-fault benefits as assignee of nine individuals. The complaint alleged separate causes of action for each assignor. Defendant insurer moved pursuant to CPLR 603 to sever the second through ninth causes of action into separate actions, arguing that the nine causes of action arose out of six separate motor vehicle accidents and that each of the nine causes of action involves different questions of fact and law. Civil Court denied defendant's motion.

In REVERSING Civil Court's order and granting Mercury's motion to sever, the Appellate Term held:
Defendant's answer clearly places at issue with respect to each assignor, among other things, the necessity and reasonableness of the particular medical services rendered and whether the amount sought to be recovered in each cause of action exceeded the amount permitted by the workers' compensation fee schedule. The facts relating to each claim are therefore likely to raise few, if any, common issues of fact (see Radiology Resource Network, P.C. v Fireman's Fund Ins. Co., 12 AD3d 185 [2004]). 

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