Monday, November 14, 2016

Get Your Current 11 NYCRR Part 216 (NY Insurance Regulation 64) Here

Go on.  Find a copy of New York Insurance Regulation 64 (11 NYCRR Part 216) on the New York Department of Financial Services' website.  I double dog dare ya.  Click as many links as you want within the DFS website and you still won't find Regulation 64 in a current, single document.  Tell me I'm wrong.

Google "New York Insurance Regulation 64" (without the quotation marks) instead, and the first search result points to a non-current version of Reg 64 hidden but still found on the NYSDFS's website server.  Nice, huh?

It would appear that the only path currently existing through the NYSDFS's website to that which represents the embodiment of New York's Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Act (though the reg is not an act) is on the footer of the DFS's website under "Laws and Regs".  Of course, one would need to know that "NYCRR" refer to the New York Codes, Rule and Regulations or by process of elimination click that link to find one's way to Title 11, New York's insurance regulations.  Three clicks later (Title 11 Insurance, Chapter IX Unfair Trade Practices, and Part 216 Unfair Claim Settlement Practices and Claim Cost Control Measures) and you might find your way to what is commonly known to New York insurers and insureds as Regulation 64.  Congratulations.  Now bookmark that location.

Or click HERE and download what I compiled earlier today as what passes as the current version of Regulation 64.  You're welcome.

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Sascha M. said...

Well, I for one want to thank you for providing this information and updating the document as even the Westlaw site is unreliable when trying to access this regulation. I am currently in negotiations with my insurer regarding their laughably low valuation of my motorcycle and knowing the regulation is very helpful.
Many thanks!