Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Welcome New Subscribers!

Welcome new subscribers.  This past weekend's subscription drive is going well, and our readership has grown nicely.

Couple of points:
  • If you DON'T see something treated here -- a recent, important case, a nettlesome issue, or a statutory or regulatory development -- let me know.  I take requests.  

  • We don't have "like" but we do have comment functionality here at Coverage Counsel.  I reserve editorial right to vet all comments, but please don't be afraid (unless your company frowns on the practice) to drop a comment on the posts here and there if you have something interesting or useful to share.  

  • As you might deduce from the time stamps of some of the posts, I sometimes am bleary eyed when I push the "Publish" button.  If you encounter a broken or incorrect link or spot a substantive typo, please let me know.  

  • While this blog remains open, it's never too late to subscribe for weekly email updates.  Click here if you would like to do so.

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