Tuesday, June 26, 2018

May a New York Property Insurer Communicate Directly with Its Insured Who Is Represented by a Public Adjuster?

This was yesterday's question of the day, one I'm asked from time to time.  Each time I get this question I check New York's insurance laws and regulations.  And each time I come to the same conclusion:

There is nothing in New York’s Insurance Law or Regulation 64 (11 NYCRR Part 216) that prohibits an insurer from communicating directly with its insureds who are represented by a licensed public adjuster.  The insured and insurer, after all, are the parties of the first-part and second-part  to the insurance contract.  They should be able to communicate freely with one another.  After all, if a public adjuster is not prohibited from communicating directly with an insurer that is represented by counsel, surely an insurer is not prohibited from communicating directly with its insured who is represented by a public adjuster, right?

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