Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Direct DJ/Late Notice/Prejudice Bill Signed by Governor Paterson

Earlier today (July 23, 2008), Governor Paterson signed the Direct DJ/Late Notice/Prejudice bill (S.8610/A.11541). Its provisions will take effect 180 days from today or on January 17, 2009. Mark your calendars. Policies issued, renewed or modified on and after that date must contain the new provisions, and the new rules regarding direct DJ actions, the prejudice requirement, and disclosing liability coverage policy limits will take effect on that date.

For a discussion of the various provisions of that bill, see my Direct DJ/Late Notice Bill label.

Today's press release on the bills signed is here. No mention of the Intoxication Exclusion Cut Back bill (A10000/S8294-A) being signed. In fact, there's no mention on either the Senate's or Assembly's websites of that bill having even been delivered to the Governor for signature.

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Roy A. Mura said...

If you haven't found it yet, the correct link for my Direct DJ/Late Notice/Prejudice Bill label is here.