Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Disclaimer for a Blawg About Disclaimers

After 50,000+ visits to this law blog since late April 2008, it's probably time to include a disclaimer on this blawg about disclaimers, yes?

Ample examples and advice on writing a blog disclaimer were but two taps of my Ctrl button away,and in a jiff, Coverage Counsel had its disclaimer. I feel so much better.

To save you the trouble of scrolling down to the very bottom of this page (who ever does that?), here's tonight's creation for your information and my insulation:
(c) 2009. First, let me congratulate you on finding this disclaimer, all the way down here at the bottom of this page. You're either very thorough, or very bored. Or both.

Either way, this is where I tell you that what I post on this blog or blawg is not intended and should not be considered to be legal advice. No attorney-client relationship is formed either from your finding your way to these pages, posting comments, or receiving comments in reply. If you need or want legal advice, you're welcome to contact and retain me, especially if your question is one relating to insurance coverage. If quality and correctness are optional to you, however, just turn on a TV, open a newspaper, or take a drive along a nearby highway and jot the numbers down of lawyers who probably don't blawg but spend gobs and gobs more on advertising than I do.

Although I try my best to keep the material on these pages current, I cannot promise that all case decisions, statutes and hyperlinks will always be up-to-date. Same goes for content accuracy. I'm nearly, but not always, perfect. Please report dead links or overruled or superseded case decisions to me by clicking here.

Although comments are moderated, I take no responsibility for and do not endorse the viewpoints expressed by this blawg's commenters. The viewpoints and opinions I may myself express in this blawg from time to time are my own and do not necessarily reflect more than one-half of the official position of the law firm of Mura & Storm, PLLC. For the record, I respect all judges, named or unnamed in these post, though not always their judicial acumen or composition. I reserve the right to revise my thinking and recant my occasional disagreement with the logic or language of a court's decision, especially if IAS matches me with any of the mildly maligned magistrates in one of my clients' litigated matters.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Anonymous said...

"After 50,000+ visits to this law blog since late April 2008..."

April 2008? Your disclaimer of 8/25/09 is untimely ;)