Monday, May 3, 2010

Effective and Ethical Use of Social Network Sites in Insurance Investigations

I spent more time on Facebook this past weekend than in the entire 25 months or so I've been a member.  No, not playing Farmville or Mafia Wars -- neither of which I've ever actually "played" -- but researching a presentation on the effective and ethical use of social network sites in insurance investigations that I'll be giving at the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the International Association of Special Investigation Units' annual seminar in Denver, Colorado on this coming Friday, May 7, 2010.

I am now one of the estimated only 23% of 400+ million Facebook users who have actually read the latest iterations of both Facebook's terms of service (Statement of Rights and Responsibilities) and controversial Privacy Policy.  I now know more about Facebook's founding, design and operation than will ever be completely useful to me.  I have read law review articles, blogs, Wikipedia entries, websites articles, newspaper articles and even watched YouTube videos on the subject, including this, my favorite, one on what interactions might be like if Facebook were offline reality (Rated PG):

If anyone has any information or resources that may be useful to completing and delivering my presentation, please send them my way.

I don't know whether my PowerPoint presentation on this topic will be posted to RMASIU's website, but if it's not and you would like a copy of the finished product, send me an email and I'll shoot you a copy, with clickable links to my favorite peoplefinder and social media search engines.

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