Monday, September 26, 2011

The Just Right Claim File

 I spoke at the 2011 NAMIC Claims Conference back in February of this year (2011).  My topic was "The Just Right Claim File", an exposition of what first- and third-party defense counsel generally consider to be the necessary components of the ideal claim file.

Since I haven't blogged since January 14th, I haven't dropped links to my presentation materials on this site until now.  In lieu of the traditional PowerPoint, I experimented with a "Prezi" -- a web-based presentation application and storytelling tool that uses a single, zoomable canvas instead of traditional slides.  If you're not currently treating for vertigo, my Prezi is viewable here.  Creating my first Prezi took a bit more time than had I simply dumped the text into more static PPT slides, but I like the format and plan on using the application again.

And here's "The Perfect Claim File" instructional movie I found on YouTube created and posted to YouTube for that presentation using another one of my newly found and instantly favorite presentation tools -- xtranormal.  Enjoy.

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